An efficient procedure for the synthesis of coumarin derivatives using TiCl4 as catalyst under solvent-free conditions S W Article
Valizadeh H., Shockravi A.
Tetrahedron Letters Volume 46, Issue 20, 2005 , Pages 3501-3503
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The ability of titanium(IV) chloride as a catalyst to promote the Pechmann condensation reaction with a range of phenols and β-keto esters is described.The reaction was carried out by addition of TiCl4 to a mixture of the phenol and the β-keto ester with thorough stirring in the absence of a solvent and represents an improvement on the classical Pechmann conditions. The yields of coumarins obtained via this novel protocol were significantly higher than those using the conventional method and the reaction duration was reduced to a few minutes or even a few seconds. © 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Keywords :
Coumarin; Pechmann condensation; Solvent-free system; Titanium(IV) chloride