A Novel High Step-up DC/DC Converter Based on Integrating Coupled Inductor and Switched-Capacitor Techniques for Renewable Energy Applications S W Article 1.00% %
Ajami A., Ardi H., Farakhor A.
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Volume 30, Issue 8, 2015 , Pages 4255-4263
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In this paper, a novel high step-up dc/dc converter is presented for renewable energy applications. The suggested structure consists of a coupled inductor and two voltage multiplier cells, in order to obtain high step-up voltage gain. In addition, two capacitors are charged during the switch-off period, using the energy stored in the coupled inductor which increases the voltage transfer gain. The energy stored in the leakage inductance is recycled with the use of a passive clamp circuit. The voltage stress on the main power switch is also reduced in the proposed topology. Therefore, a main power switch with low resistance RDS(ON) can be used to reduce the conduction losses. The operation principle and the steady-state analyses are discussed thoroughly. To verify the performance of the presented converter, a 300-W laboratory prototype circuit is implemented. The results validate the theoretical analyses and the practicability of the presented high step-up converter. © 1986-2012 IEEE.
Keywords :
Coupled inductor; DC/DC converters; high step-up; switched capacitor